Grace Baptist Church of Gladwin recently observed its 50th anniversary as a congregation.
The church was established by a group of 21 people who left the former Gladwin Baptist Church
over doctrinal issues. The new congregation began under the authority of Grace Memorial Baptist
Church, Memphis, Tennessee. Church members met in homes. In 1990, the congregation made its home at its present site of 331 N. Antler St. Pastor Sam Wilson, who has served the congregation for the past 44 years, describes Grace as
being a place that values strict adherence to the Bible and its teachings, and where preaching is central to worship. “We stick to the old ways,” he said. “Our hymnal is filled with songs
like ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘Amazing Grace.’ 

The congregation members also follows literal translation [of the Bible] of the roles of men and women.  Family and family life are strongly upheld.

“Family is very important to our members,” commented Pastor Wilson. “We don’t have a lot of church activities
because we want people to spend time with their families.” The church does, however, support missions
in various parts of the world, including the Philippines, Romania, Guyana, Trinidad, and the U.S.

The congregation provides financial support for preaching and teaching stations to bring Christ to
others. Also, individual members are involved in their communities in various ways. For instance,
Pastor Wilson leads worship at nursing homes and presides at weddings and funerals. He is also involved with the Gladwin County Big Boys Club, especially with the organization’s golf program for youth.
Every August, Grace hosts a Bible Conference at The Springs, a local Baptist camp. It’s a weekend
event that includes anywhere from 17-19 preachers from across the country and opportunities for fellowship

Grace Baptist Church is a Sovereign Grace LandMark Baptist Church.

 On Sundays, kids and adults attend Sunday school at 10 a.m., followed by worship at 11 a.m. Sunday afternoon service are at 12:20p.m. On Wednesdays there is also a 7 p.m. Bible study, followed by a prayer time for men and one for women. Private devotions are also encouraged. Once every two months, the Lord’s Supper (communion) is held after the Sunday morning service.

We also live stream on go to gracebaptistgladwin.

We are on Facebook. Go to David Samuel Wilson and he will put a message in when Church services are beginning and at what time they will start.

Then the congregation shares a meal and has a brief business meeting. Wilson shared that he and the church’s members have established a good relationship over the years: “We trust one another and we work well together. The people trust the pastor’s and deacons’ decisions. Our business meetings usually take about five minutes. These people love the Lord – and I’m extremely thankful for that.” Pastor Wilson cited the top three reasons – beyond God’s guidance – for Grace’s stability: “We are a very strong Bible believing church. The people here are very kind – all are welcome and everyone is treated the same. And we will not compromise what we believe.” If you have any questions about Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Wilson will be glad to answer them.
You can contact him at—

Phone :- (989) 701-5564 Email Address:
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